My Lunch with IRS

She’s slight, almost fragile in appearance, but that appearance is quite deceptive. After sixteen years as an appraiser with the Art Valuation Division of IRS, and now chief of the department, this lady is a pro. In a voice that is soft, moderated and always pleasant, the statements made by Karen Carolan are affected in a tone that brooks no nonsense. It was July 27th, 1990, and we were meeting in the offices of Wilson Fadely, Public Affairs Officer for IRS. Mr. Fadely remained throughout the interview at 1111 Constitution A venue, IRS’ central D.C. building.


The above is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Elin Lake-Ewald published in the ASA Personal Property Journal, Winter 1991.

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PPJ Vol. 3 (3) 1991 Winter My Lunch with IRS