Sandro Botticelli,  The Adoration of the Kings , 1475

Sandro Botticelli, The Adoration of the Kings, 1475

Litigation Support


Over a period of more than 80 years trial testimony has been provided by OTE appraisers. Many of these cases have been publicly reported and include not only the trial itself but are also proceeded by lengthy depositions, and have taken place in over a dozen states nationwide. Testimonies focus on a wide variety of issues – divorce, damages, retrospective value, as well as Contemporary Art, Modernist Art, Post World-War II paintings, Anglo-Indian furniture, antique English, French and American furniture, levels of value, authenticity, and a dozen other sources of dispute. 

Dr. Elin Lake-Ewald has over 30 years of experience testifying in civil and criminal court on matters relating to the arts. Staff appraisers have testified in federal, state, criminal, bankruptcy, circuit and tax courts across the country. Our expert witness services have been utilized by the SEC, FBI, DOJ, USPS, US Customs, and DEA, as well as the Office of the Public Administrator – Manhattan, Brooklyn and Westchester.


As experts in art appraisal and valuation OTE has the ability and knowledge to assist in all steps of the litigation process.  OTE appraisers have experience in areas of litigation support such as: depositions, reviewing documents and preparing for trial. The majority of litigation support cases in which OTE has worked with attorneys never reach the courtroom because of well-prepared analyses of the elements in the case and highly professional reports provided by the OTE team.

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