JOURNAL Editor Nancy Smith dropped by our New York office recently for a brief chat that transformed itself into a three-hour conversation about possibilities for ASA members to better communicate news and ideas beneficial to all of us.  This column has been initiated in the hope of gathering comments from members nationally, enabling anyone who wishes to give voice to views about the art market, legislation relating to appraisers, new rules and regulations affecting us, or, in fact, anything newsworthy of importance to personal property appraisers. A review of an art/insurance seminar was pre-empted by “My Chat with IRS,” a one-on-one conversation with a local representative of that governmental agency who had called “as a friend”.  The conversation focused on estate appraisals and what transpired that afternoon seemed of sufficient interest to think it might be worthwhile passing on and asking for comments.


The above is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Elin Lake-Ewald published in the ASA Personal Property Journal, Autumn 1989.

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Viewpoint PPJ Vol 2 (3) 1989