Red is for Happiness

It was supposed to be a secret, but when we arrived in Wilton the tent on the lawn gave it away, as did the three enormous birthday cakes with “Happy 80th” in chocolate, strawberry and carrot cream spelled out besides Peter’s name.


The “secret” celebration was for the Lord of the Manor and dean of Chinese art in America, Peter Rosenberg, who looks 20 years younger than the numbers on his birthday cakes. Tribute was paid to Josephine, his mother, who began the business so many years ago in this same rather crookedy 18th century cottage, and to Louise, his late wife-partner, an extraordinary woman famous for her quick humor and Christmas fruit cakes.


Peter’s booth is always front and center at all the antiques shows, a tribute to the quality of his merchandise. He has so many stories to share that sometimes stopping by his booth means that the show could close before you get very far beyond it.