What’s the Matter with Mold? Claims and Counterclaims

 When a New York Supreme Court judge issued an important decision in September 2006 regarding mold claims, I realized that I had over recent years unwittingly become a mold junkie. My scattered file drawers coughed up dozens of articles and multiple clippings on the subject, a collection begun about six or seven years ago when this office was hit with a flurry of assignments to determine losses relating to mold damage.  These were invariably coupled with health claims cited as being caused by the same environmental problem.


The above is an excerpt from an article by Elin Lake-Ewald, Ph.D, ASA, RICS, published in the ASA Personal Property Journal, Winter 2006-2007.

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PPJ Vol 16 (4) Winter 2006 2007 What's the Matter with Mold - Claims and Counterclaims