Appraisers Shouldn’t Pay

How does a fine art appraiser counter the demand for payment from a dealer asked to provide a price for the work on an artist that dealer represents? How does the appraiser even get cooperation of any sort from that dealer? For as long as most of us remember, ‘there’s been an on­going tug-of-war between personal property appraisers who need a replacement price from a gallery to complete an ap­praisal and the dealer who wants to be paid for this “appraisal.”


The above is an excerpt from an article by Elin Lake-Ewald, Ph.D, ASA, RICS, published in the ASA Personal Property Journal, Winter 2001 / Spring 2002.

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PPJ Vol 13 14 (4 1) 2001 2002 Winter Spring - Appraisers Shouldn't Pay