State of the Art in the Summer of ’08

I propose that the upcoming Olympics inBeijingshould introduce a new category: art show attendance as an all-weather, all-terrain endurance event. I noted that in one week alone in Manhattan this spring there were ten shows, none of them small, and all but one eulogizing the glories of contemporary art. And there were panel discussions, and special events, and video screenings and Chelsea block parties with art and artist film screenings and tours and late night gallery openings. To add to our agony (speaking of feet), a new wave has descended upon us, enlarging the scope of attendance for those who take their art straight (meaning upright, not seated).


The above is an excerpt from an article by Elin Lake-Ewald, Ph.D, ASA, RICS, published in the ASA Personal Property Journal, Summer 2008.

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PPJ Vol 17 2008 Summer State of The Art in The Summer of '08