Why, Oh Why, Is He Doing This To Me? I used to mutter this to myself when dragged to baseball games by my dad, who figured I must be as much of a fan as he was. Glori­ously engaged in the sport I was not, but at least I paid sufficient attention then to find that now it’s fun to go to baseball card and memo­rabilia shows. Sports nostalgia items have be­come so hot that it behooves all appraisers to know a little something about players, famous and obscure, who hit/kicked/threw/caught/tossed and generally handled the ball or puck at some point in American sports history. Even if you’re not enough of a specialist to appraise them, it’s helpful to be able to alert your clients to their potential value.


The above is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Elin Lake-Ewald published in the ASA Personal Property Journal, Spring 1994.

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PPJ Vol. 6 (2) 1994 Spring Auction Market Analysis